Serabi Solo

Srabi Solo or Serabi Solo is a lighter-style foods Solo, Central Java. This food is made ​​from rice flour mixed with coconut milk and fried over charcoal or pannenkoek Pannekoek similar. Srabi is unique from Solo snack made ​​from coconut milk mixed with a little flour, which makes it taste delicious. Also given the usual sprinkling of a piece of banana, jackfruit or even meses and cheese if desired. Srabi famous from Notokusuman area, which is often shortened to Notosuman (Srabi Notosuman).

There are pancake Bandung is also quite famous and there is also a typical pancake Solo. Well, in Solo this is the legendary pancake and hereditary, Serabi Notosuman in the region Notosuman.

Notosuman pancake typically derived from natural savory coconut milk. However, as the development community now Serabi Notosuman taste any of them has different taste chocolate.

Reportedly, Suharto before he died subscribe to this pancake including former president Megawati Sukarnoputri.

Notosuman pancake was quite expensive when compared to other pancake in Solo. One Serabi Notosuman for RP 1600 while sprinkled with brown Rp 1,800. Eating two or three pancake stomach is feeling full.

You want to try it? Stop by to Notosuman formerly known as this pecina.

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